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Boat Detailing

Discover the Beauty of a Well-Maintained Boat

Whether we're restoring an old boat to its former glory, or adding some protection to your new boat. Our process remains the same to get your boat cleaned and back on the water as quickly as possible.

After some time, your boat is likely to start looking dirty as dirt particles from the air and contaminants from the water collect on the boat’s surface and interior. The sun can cause UV damage over time to your boat's interior and exterior.


Boat detailing can be a challenging task because you need to take into account environmental factors such as water (freshwater or saltwater), wind, and other weather elements when caring for, cleaning, and protecting your vessel.

Why Choose Professional Marine for Your Boat Detailing?

Our team of skilled technicians uses top-quality products and techniques to clean and protect every inch of your boat. From the hull to the interior, we pay attention to detail to ensure a pristine finish.

What are the Benefits?

Detailing not only enhances the boat's appearance but also extends its lifespan. Exposure to saline environments and UV radiation causes surface finishes to fade and deteriorate over time. Metal components can also corrode, compromising their performance. Detailing refurbishes these surfaces, boosting their resilience to harsh conditions.



It's a process that includes refurbishing the exposed surfaces of the boat to improve their appearance. The operation may involve cleaning, waxing, sanding, polishing, and repairing various vessel areas. 

How Often Should I detail a Boat?

If possible, rinse and dry your boat after each outing. You don’t need to use soap every time, as it can degrade the wax. A good wax job or UV protection should and can last a season or more. A high-quality gel coat sealant is key to protecting your boat from damaging UV rays. Other cleaning tasks can be performed as needed.

Owner and staff are extremely personable and are awesome to communicate with. I won't take my boat anywhere else due to how they've treated me as a customer.
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